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International Squatters Convergence Dublin

squatterconvposterDit jaar kan men niet alleen terecht in Hamburg voor een internationale krakers bijeenkomst, ook in Dublin is er een bijeenkomst! De bijeenkomst zal plaatsvinden van 25 t/m 28 september. Het is dus mogelijk om beide bijeenkomsten te  bezoeken. Hieronder de (Engelstalige) oproep voor de International Squatters Convergence Dublin:

International Squatters Convergence
DUBLIN – this September 25-28, 2014

Who ever said you can’t squat in ireland?!
Over the last few years, a blossoming community of squats has been popping up all over ireland, and we’re learning a lot through our experiences. We want to invite you to dublin this september to come share your stories, knowledge and experiences with squatting in your communities.

so get ready for a whole feckin’ extended weekend of workshops, skillshares, gigs, film screenings, networking, vegan food, scheming, and perhaps some overthrowing of the state… to celebrate
SQUATTING in a world overflowing with tragically beautiful

this event is proper D.I.Y., so go on and make this convergence what it is by offering a workshop/discussion to tell us about the buzz in your community!

bring yourselves, bring your workshops, bring your friends,
leave your jobs, leave the bullshit, leave the landlords.
fuck the landlords ! (don’t FUCK the landlords…)

take this flyer, & print it out, wheatpaste it, email it, send it out with your next piece of punk post!
tell the world – squat the world!